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The audio at an event is something we tend to take for granted, never really paying close attention to it unless it’s less than perfect or gone entirely. The quality of the audio equipment really plays in the enjoyment of the event. The sound system and sound equipment need to be top quality, and the equipment rigging needs to be handled by the utmost professional.

A projection screen is a tool to add creativity and drama or add an air of professionalism to Corporate Events, Trainings, and Seminars etc. One can show slides at a corporate event to display figures or financial projections. There are several options when choosing the right audio visual equipment. There is the option of leasing the equipment over a specific time if the event is a long running one. There is the option of a short-term rental for your party or event, perfect for a wedding or party taking place on just one day.





CDP rent LCD Projector, Plasma, Video Cameras, Digital Cameras, Screens, Computer Data Projection for PowerPoint Presentations, Home Theater, Video Projectors, Lighting Kits, Microphones, Mixers , Mic ,Coller Mic , Heandled Mic , Speakers and More.
Our AV specialists are available to assist with the most economical choices to meet your needs and budget. We have systems for small to large audience event sound. We know projection. Get what you need when and where you need it at a price that is within your budget!


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CDP provides the complete range of Apple iPhones on Rent wherever and whenever you need it. For all your important Apple application development all range of iPhones Mobiles Phones (3S, 4S, 5S ) are available on Rent in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

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