Projecter On Rental

LCD Projector

CDP provides LCD projector rental and portable projector screen rental to compliment our range of compact laptops and Micro PC hire systems.

A portable projector is an ideal audio-visual aid where your laptop or computer is being used for presentations, exhibitions, training etc where more than one person needs to see it.

Unlike the largely fixed projectors often seen hung on ceilings, our portable data projectors are designed to be compact and easy to transport. Who needs a projector that is several times larger and heavier than your laptop? CDP can provide short (1 day) or long-term portable projector hire.

Portable Projector Screen

To compliment this CDP can provide portable projector screen rental and with the potential for a 180cm square image, this combination of projector and screen provides an ideal method of presenting data for the exhibition, presentation or training applications.

CDP can also offer next day delivery at many places so no matter where you are we can provide rental projector to you. If your requirements are portable projector rental Delhi, computer projector rental Gurgaon, LCD projector rental Ghaziabad, projector screen rental Noida or even portable projector rental Bombay, and other nearby places CDP is there to support you.

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